My Core

I have always been fascinated and driven to understand how things work, how to make things better, and I also love people! I suppose this is why I was drawn to study Bio-Medical Engineering and ended up in a career in Human Resources. Success is predicated by good design and leadership and I incorporate both in my work and personal endeavors.

My Family

I am married to a truly wonderful man Brice who always has me laughing and eating the most incredible food. My two children Sydney and Stephen are amazing. Gifts from God that never disappoint and have me waiting with anticipation for their next big idea.

My Work

If you would have asked me in college what was my dream job, I doubt Human Resource Leadership would have made the Top 5. Ask me now and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Great organizations succeed and thrive due to talent and culture and I love working with leaders who share this vision.

My Passion

My inner soul is at peace when I am either spending time with my family or working on a garden or house project. My light shines in these moments and I look forward to sharing with each of you.